“When you stand and share your story in an empowering way then your story will heal you and your story will heal somebody else.”    

– Lyannia Vanzant

Project: Shattered Silence reveals that the road to healing begins when you find the courage to open your heart and share your own story. Through the art of theater one of the most muted groups in America, teenagers, are given a voice to shatter the silence of what we hold inside to demonstrate that no one is ever truly alone. Without fear Project: Shattered Silence does not shy away from topics that are usually pushed aside. With grace, kindness and hope the project has tackled such issues as suicide of a parent, cutting, mental illness and eating disorders. However, just as in life, not everything is sad. Some stories are told with humor and honor allowing the light of life to shine through as well. These true stories impact audience members of all ages and aims to prove that we all have a purpose in life.

This is not a production that is acted in the traditional sense. The narratives are real and the experiences are actual parts of the teens’ own lives. Each piece is developed through intense conversations between performer and director. The universal inspiration of Project: Shattered Silence comes from the truth and courage within these personal stories.

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